At 3glav Adventures, we believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived, therefore we believe in Environmental & Social Responsibility!

We think, live, act & explore in-tune with the seven “Leave No Trace” principles. Let’s minimize impacts and leave our beautiful World a better place.

Leave No Trace ethics consists of 7 principles for promoting conservation in the outdoors:

* Prepare and plan ahead.

* Dispose of waste properly.

* Leave what you find in nature.

* Minimize campfire impacts.

* Wildlife should be respected.

* Travel and camp on durable surfaces.

* Be considerate of other visitors.

As we love our home and love being outdoors we strongly believe we should act as much as possible according to Leave No Trace principles and minimize negative effects on the natural and social environment.

We strive to promote local culture and products, we are also motivating our partners and guests to do the same.

3glav Adventures is committed to developing adventures in harmony with nature, locals & travelers as well as our project partners.

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